K5SWK Otis Nonken

Conroe, Texas

Otis was well known across Texas and the rest of the country for his big AM signal, booming bass voice and relaxed operating style. Back when Otis was operating at night the QSO's he had with his good friend Koby K5MHZ (SK) was known across the US jokingly as the "Koby and Otis Show". Otis had a huge following both with amateurs and SWL's.




WB9RPE Dan Molstad  

Farmersville, Texas  

Dan, known to his many friends as "Spider Man", restored and converted AM Broadcast Transmitters for many of us here in North Texas. The Spider Man was always in the basement, soldering iron in hand, working on projects. Examples of his attention to detail and craftsmanship are present to this day still riding the airwaves from Texas.

Here’s Dan (foreground) with his Collins AN/URC-32 and Collins KWT-6

W1PE Bob Peters

Mesquite Texas

Net Control operator

Bob Peters was one terrific person. His friendly personality showed in person as well as on the air. He loved his vintage gear and was always ready to help anyone. He will be missed on the AM and Collins nets with his great signal but more than anything, we will miss his spirit.

KD5WJY John Lee

Kaufman Texas



K5BAI Jim Little  

McKinney, Texas

"Old Dawg" # 25 AM International

"Old Dawg" to all who knew him.

There is much to say about Old Dawg, but more than anything else, Old Dawg was best known for his true ham radio spirit. Old Dog I'm sure, would like best to be remembered by his moto which he frequently said concerning radio...  

Money is temporary, Radios are forever...



WB7DYW Dennis Maurer

Cypress, Texas

"Dutch" to his friends was an avid collector of Collins and Hallicrafters radios, which he enjoyed restoring an putting on the air. Dutch liked antiques, or as he said "anything that is older than I am", C&W dancing, Digital photography and Ham radio.  










W5PYT  "Ozona Bob"

Robert Lee "Bob" Hohertz  

A friend to all who knew him...

Speaking for myself and the many others who had the pleasure to talk and just listen to W5PYT I'm certain we all can agree that Ozona Bob was a true Texas Gentlemen worthy of the title and our  respect, as one of the truly great legendary AM operators...


Other thoughts on Ozona Bob

Originally Posted 07 Mar 1998 on AMphone.net

"Many of you might remember Bob first in regards to his record long transmissions. Bob could really make some long ones but the content was usually interesting and informative.  His mind was remarkable, remembering names, call, circuits, you name it!  His interests spanned many subjects, not just ham radio.  Bob was interested in Astronomy (not Astrology!), genealogy, gardening,  to name a few."


K5UKY Dean Oldham

 Dean was actively heard on AM from his QTH in Moore, Oklahoma. In addition to amateur radio he was also a retired computer design engineer. Dean sadly became a silent key Jan. 30 2016





















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