Occupied Bandwidth  

Modulation, Overmodulation, and Occupied Bandwidth:

Recommendations for the AM Broadcast Industry


Its purpose is  to provide recommendations for AM engineers

on how  to assure:


(1) the transmission of a clean 

and full-fidelity AM signal,

(2) the preventionofAM overmodulation, and 

 (3) the prevention of "splatter"


am mod overmod 1986.pdf  

Antenna Basics

Antennas 101 2013 The Basics.pdf


RCA BTA1R.Manual.reduced.pdf


While the Inovonics 222 is an inexpensive way to manage peak control on AM it is a bit wide for crowded band conditions on HF. The tech support group at Inovonics supplied these values to allow changes to make the unit more friendly on HF. LP Filter Data.pdf

BALUNS: What they do and how they do it.


Thanks to Bill K5AXW for sharing this excellent article on baluns.   

BALUNS: What they do and how they do it." is probably the best document one can read in order to begin to understand what a balun is supposed to do, and to learn which technologies actually do work.   

In this article Roy coined the terms "Voltage Balun" and "Current Balun". More important, he also found out which types of baluns work as they are supposed to and which ones do not. As a result of Roy's work the 'current' balun began replacing the 'voltage' balun in Amateur Radio Antennas. 


Meter Repair  

Gates BC-1T-500T-250T Manual

GATESBC1T500T250TTransmitterManual1958 copy.pdf  

Broadcast ChainTutorial  

Audio processing for Ham Radio


AM Fundemantals


Small fee but they have many hard to find schematics.

BAMA Manual Archive

The Boat Anchor Manual Archive The BEST manual archive on the web.


Scope Pickup

Monitor your signal;wap2  

Transformer Rewind  Services



Three Diode Negative Peak Limiter

Near-Vertical Incidence Skywave NVIS Dipole Antennas

Thanks to Walt W8KSW

NearVertical Incidence Skywave NVIS.pdf  


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